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What you should know about Silver Machine and shoe bronzing

What makes us different is that this is our business; beware of kitchen sink amateur bronzers offering what at first appears to be a bargain price. We buy quality materials in bulk to keep costs down; we do not use cheap materials, using second rate materials offers a short term saving that always turns out to be costly in the long run. A good example of this is when lacquering the shoe using acrylic/cellulose lacquer, available from DIY outlets, it looks great for a few years then it starts to yellow and break down, we use only Isocyanate lacquer (not available to the general public) which requires a significant investment in equipment, but the end result is one which will last longer than any other and it is by far the most durable (see the Copper Development Association website on recommended lacquers). Similarly it is possible to bronze shoes using scrap Copper, an attractive proposition because scrap Copper is very inexpensive when compared to pure Copper! (All shoes are initially bronzed with Copper irrespective of the final finish) but the impurities co deposited along with the Copper will cause corrosion and likely delamination at a later date. We only use Royal mail next day insured delivery so if the unthinkable happens your goods can be repaired under the scheme. When you order from us, you do so with the confidence of knowing that only the best of materials are used. Check us out for an unbeatable price/quality combination.

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